Postpone of the CAFFE LATTES conference

Thursday the 12th of March 2020,

Dear participants of the CAFFE LATTES conference,

Thanks to your interesting and diverse contributions, we were shaping an exciting scientific program and were very much looking forward to the meeting. Unfortunately, in light of the global spread of COVID-19, we had a discussion among the LOC on Monday to decide what to do with respect to the epidemia. The recent evolution in France and around the world is very worrisome and we think that we need to cancel the meeting. This is a difficult decision that we need to take early enough before you are engaged financially.

We will reschedule the CAFFE LATTES conference in 2021. We are considering two possible locations, Paris at the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the South of France again. We will keep you informed on our plans.

We appreciate your contribution to the scientific program of the CAFFE LATTES conference, and hope that you will be available to participate next year. 

We are looking forward for meeting you in 2021.

Vincent Guillet, François Boulanger, Jonathan Aumont and Alexandre Marcowith, for the CAFFE LATTES conference 

Qu'est-ce que le colloque CAFFE LATTES ?

Pour une description en français du colloque CAFE LATTES et des actions menées dans le cadre du partenariat entre le colloque CAFE LATTES et la commune de Lattes, cliquez ici.


The magnetized Galactic ISM has become a main hindrance in the analysis of cosmological data. Galactic foregrounds are an issue in different observational contexts for the CMB, the HI 21cm signal from the EoR, line intensity mapping and lensing surveys. Galactic magnetic fields also upset the identification of sources of ultra-high energy cosmic rays and the measurement of extragalactic magnetic fields. In each context, cosmology is tied to Galactic astrophysics, and from a methodological point of view, to mathematics, because novel methods are required to model and reproduce the statistical properties of Galactic foregrounds and account for their complexity in the statistical inference of cosmological parameters.

The meeting aims at bringing together a hundred scientists from Cosmology, Galactic Astrophysics and Mathematics for cross-fertilization. These three themes will be developed in parallel along the week in the context of CMB, large scale structure, EoR, cosmic magnetism and cosmic-ray science and experiments.

Conference topics


  • Primordial universe: CMB primordial B-modes & spectral-distortions
  • Cosmic Dawn & Reionization: EoR HI surveys
  • Large Scale Structure of the Universe: weak lensing & line intensity mapping
  • The origin of Cosmic magnetism
  • The origin of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays

Astrophysics of Galactic and Extra-Galactic foregrounds

  • (not an exhaustive list)
  • Dust emission, extinction and polarisation
  • Synchroton total and polarized emission
  • Anomalous Microwave Emission
  • Galactic Magnetism 
  • 3D Structure of the ISM 
  • The multiphase dynamical ISM
  • The physics of cosmic-rays
  • Extra-galactic foregrounds

 Statistical methods

  • Component separation 
  • Statistical modelling of non-gaussian data 
  • 3D inversion 
  • Statistical inference : Bayesian inference
  • Statistical inference : Machine learning

Invited Speakers

  • Erwan Allys - Paris, France
  • Jean-Francois Cardoso - Paris, France 
  • Tzu-Ching Chang - JPL, USA
  • Emma Chapman - London, Great Britain 
  • Yi-Kuan Chiang - Ohio State University, USA
  • Jens Chluba -  Manchester, Great Britain 
  • Susan Clark - Princeton, USA
  • Clive Dickinson - Manchester, Great Britain
  • Josquin Errard - APC, Paris
  • Katia Ferrière - Toulouse, France
  • Anastasia Fialkov - Cambridge, Great Britain 
  • Tuhin Ghosh - NISER Bhubaneswar, India
  • Philipp Girichidis - Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam, Germany
  • Greg Green - Stanford, USA
  • Brandon Hensley -  Princeton, USA 
  • Chang-Goo Kim - Princeton, USA
  • Florent Mertens - Groningen, Netherlands
  • Alexandre Lazarian - University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA 
  • Vasiliki Pavlidou - Crete, Greece
  • Luiz Rodrigues - Newcastle, Great Britain
  • Jennifer Schober - Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Jean-Luc Starck - Saclay, France
  • Valentina Vacca - Cagliari, Italy
  • Nathalie Ysard - IAS, Orsay
  • Ben Wandelt - ILP, Paris

More to come ... 


The meeting will take place on the 11-15 May 2020, in the city of Lattes, close to Montpellier, in the South of France.

Lattes is situated at 10 km from the Méditerranée sea, at the border of the Camargue Natural Park.


Code of conduct

The organisers are committed to making this meeting productive and enjoyable for everyone involved, regardless of age, body size, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, nationality, physical appearance, political affiliation, pregnancy, race, religion or sexual orientation. 

We adopt the Code of Conduct for the ESO workshops and conference, available on this page. Participants are expected to adhere to these guidelines.



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